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What the Hell Happened Here? (Site History)

Okay, so here's the deal. This was a long time ago. If you know me at all, you know I can have trouble remembering something I did five minutes ago, so I may be making a little bit of this up, and likely leaving out huge chunks of info. But as far as I'm concerned, it's okay.

Long, long ago, I became interested in dollmakers. In 2001, I started my own site called the Cloudz Dollmaker. It was a simple site with around 700 props to drag-and-drop to create cartoon dolls. In approximately September of this year, the site was rebranded the Badkittie Dollmaker. Later in the year, more and more props were added to the dollmaker. Soon, bandwidth became a problem. The first incarnation of this site I can find was under the name of "The Badkittie Network" hosted on Tripod, in about 2002. Like the previous sites before it, hosted on several damnable free hosting sites, the website also focused on the creation of cartoon dolls for avatars or just other random pictures. The reason I ended up making a network is because the dollmaker would eat up the bandwidth of the free hosting places so quickly, it needed to be hosted in at least four different places.

In 2003, I became completely, entirely convinced that I needed my own domain. Considering I was 14 at the time, it took a long time to convince my parents to let me order it. In May, I was finally victorious. After that, the dollmaker underwent several more incarnations. Eventually, through lots of hard work and changes, it became what it is today. Other sites that had previously made their homes on Tripod, namely Vampire Slayage, Pillar of Autumn, and the Hunter: The Reckoning fansite were migrated to badkittie.org as well. It was then that the "Badkittie Network" became an actual small network of sites, instead of a list of mirrors. The main site underwent a couple of major changes, the layouts I remember being image-oriented popups, one Linkin Park, and two Monty Python.

In early 2008, when I got back into the Sims 2, I decided I needed some way to keep track of the mods I liked. The Sims Emporium was born shortly thereafter, and my interest in the website re-sparked. After completing the bulk of the site in May, I revisited the main site (badkittie.org) and finally gave it an updated look and revamped the content. Now I had a page I was not ashamed to list the link to under the my website fields on various profiles.

In 2009, I lost my patience. Like all good things, badkittie.org must come to an end. I never used the handle badkittie for anything anymore, so I decided it was finally time for an update. Here, delusionsandgrandeur.net enters the picture. Purchased July 5th, delusionsandgrandeur.net is the new badkittie.org. With a new name and new host, nearly all of my sites received major makeovers, now able to take advantage of features like htaccess and php.

Somewhere around November 18, 2010 (according to Stat Counter it was the 14th), my hosting plan with 000webhost was terminated. I suppose free things cannot always be perfect. However, I suspect the only thing that could have happened was some certain people disagreeing with content posted on one of my Sims sites. I won't name names, but I won't be supporting files from certain sites anymore on the Sims 3 version. Anyway, after hours of searching I found free php host #2. Yay, I thought. Until November 24. I was terminated because I had more than 100 people visit my site at one time. This restriction was a hidden stipulation, not mentioned anywhere in the information about the plan or in the terms of service.

The moral of the story is I had to break down and purchase hosting. Realistically, this site's popularity (especially The Sims Emporium) and use of technologies such as PHP/mySQL combined with my lack of desire to have ads imposed on the site have made it impossible to rely on free hosting. The great side of this is that delusionsandgrandeur.net now has an excellent, reliable host, so there will be no more days-long downtime to worry about. The less great side is that I'm a poor college student, and paying for hosting does take away some of my much-needed money. If you like any of the sites on delusionsandgrandeur.net (I own and maintain them all), please consider donating here. Every little bit helps!