[delusions and grandeur] -- Yes, I finally got it to a passable level of... acceptability according to my dysfunctional opinion
Clicking makes 'em bigger...
An recent scan of Angelina Jolie from Entertainment Weekly (Original, pre-complete and total destruction)
The product of my demented, twisted mind, the right amount of patience and boredom, and a few hours (stupid ADD)... Poor girl. And if you have to ask, A Perfect Circle's logo is what's in her eye. Yes, I am slightly obsessed. But to be fair, their logo is circular and very convenient.

Total damage inflicted:

  • Removal of left eyebrow
  • Removal of left upper eyelashes + restoration of eyelid line
  • Removal of entire nose and resulting facial contours
  • Removal of right iris and pupil
  • Decided to give her back her whole mouth, but as a price, very painful-looking, thick wire stitching added (yes, I am evil, but isn't it pretty?)
  • Drew in a more fitting part for the mouth (the stitches just weren't looking right)
  • Chronic case of face completely peeling and breaking apart added (anyone got some superglue and some lotion?) by the way, this is what took so FRIGGIN' LONG!!!! Talk about need of patience... So much erasure and painting...
  • Multi-color complexion added... looks kinda like a cross between bruising and face rotting... I don't know... but it's decorative
  • Added A Perfect Circle's logo to right eye (an afterthought)

The .PSD file for this (the layered Photoshop file I was working off of before I changed them into JPGs to show here) is SO almost 50 MB... *lmao* I don't know whether to continue laughing or to be utterly ashamed...

Wooness. Photoshop is fun.