[delusions and grandeur] -- Despair © 2004 Megan Walden


Failed conquest, shattered dream
Sorrow for all brought about from hidden falsehoods
One a heretic, one a legend
Both destined to die a thousand deaths
Yet they both laugh in the face of certain suicide

The inferiors must be struck down
While humanity feels pale and thin
With only ghosts to defend her heart
Regret pours from the heart in a steady rush
Regret for dead heroes, lives lost
Regret for hesitations, inabilities revealed
Regret for past actions, lack thereof

But Regret is just a name
That makes a protector of the doomed
One to defend against the lies
That walk the blurred line of certainty
Alongside obvious clashing between the dogma and the Oracle
Regret falls fast – score one for humanity,
‘Cause only the strongest will survive
The shadow on the wall
Will be the one to save us all

Dissention descends upon the ranks
Purpose since served, the vanguard stares betrayal in the eye
The Arbiter now not merely sentenced to exile but even quicker death
Brute force reigns supreme
Wishes to seek death, destruction, the light
That will not be extinguished

Then ancient power makes itself known
A monument to sins of all
One is machine and nerve and has his mind concluded
The other is but flesh and faith and is the more deluded
Revelations settle in a thick fog
True intents of the corrupted and the lost
Fate has made them meet as foes, but circumstances will make them brothers

Brotherhood is but a frailty made clear
As Truth turns a cheek to Mercy’s death defeat
More treacheries and deceptions surface,
Are but delusions and grandeur
Time is a scramble to learn
Which shall triumph:
The saving of a world or
The destruction of an ancient Covenant
Only now will they be one and the same

Opposition transforms to collaboration
And the battle’s won, it’s time to run
You’ve lived to fight another day
Silence fills the empty grave
Yet questions
Linger on


© 2004 Megan Walden