[delusions and grandeur] -- The Curtain Closes © 2004 Megan Walden

The Curtain Closes

Winter's death-dealing hand, cruel and primeval,
a shadow of tortured souls
casts its curse with a mere touch
upon a bare shoulder crying out vulnerability
And everything rushes back, all at once
An endless torrent of pain and confusion
A tempest of pointless emotion
Lost on all those that recognize it
The cacophony of an unanswered call makes itself known
But I'm on the outside
someone threw away the key
---The godforsaken line's disconnected anyway.

I awakened this day to find that the world had changed
Alone and isolated, I'm the only one left
that hears this language
Only one that remembers the warmth of the sun,
what it was like to feel the wind upon my face
All the others have been torn down
Now all that's left is the cold
Quizzical looks and bewildered glances
What they can't figure out is why I can not - will not see
Today I found myself trapped in a purgatory of mine own
Free to gaze upon the realm I thought I'd known
but the iron bars do their task; I guess I've forgotten to pay the toll
But I will pay for it, all right
Forced to stay behind, to catch Charon's quick sardonic smirk,
cast over his shoulder for all who choose to see
No. To others, as always, rowing indifferently
Now that I'm looking in
I guess I never really did fit in as well.

My heart lashes out at you again
Can't decide if it's violent or self-assured or perhaps just in need
Moons have passed in vain, left me trying too hard to puzzle out why
The last piece found itself today
But then, that's when it all went away
A glimpse of your face
and the heart forgets
Who would have thought it would stutter
the words to its own eternal melody
And then, who would have thought
that there could be a day
when the moon and stars would cease to be?

The oppressive voice of reason steps in
It couldn't be farther from your own
Scolding, reminding that when I look
at you, reality puts itself on hold
You fade away
and I see only what I want there to be
At least that's what I've been told
A deep straining somewhere inside is screaming
Believe it, know it to be true!
After all, it just couldn't be that all I want is you…

Yet somewhere in the sigh of time as it struggles and lurches on
There is something left behind, begging,
Take a moment
Revel in what's right there in front of your eyes
for it will soon enough be gone
The play is over, they're getting much too tired of the drama
setting their backdrop ablaze at midnight sharp
So I set out to do what I am told, for once
Every curve of your chiseled face, etched into this book to stay, keeping
Whispers stolen like a bird steals seed.

There's a tide within
A tipster without a price:
It's going away, any fool can see
so take a lifetime and throw it into these few disillusioned days
when the other has all but gone
He may be there, but none of him for you
He's taken
Why should he forget?
Not within your rights, an ebony-cloaked hand
Points out
the hour of the witches pulls near
The lighter, once adored, has now drawn too close to the fuse
Better now to make your retreat.

It's hit me now; my time's run out
So leave me here
to simply

© 2004 Megan Walden